Will carbs at night make me gain weight?


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Will carbs at night make me gain weight?

Hey! Here’s another fitness myth debunking. Bonus! You’re welcome! 

It’s nighttime, you’re going to have some carbs, go ahead. 

Be my guest! Have your carbs! What do you think? Those carbs are going to magically go into your love handles? 

I mean honestly, use your noggin! You know?

That ain’t gonna happen, alright!? 

If you eat in a calorie surplus, in general, that’s when you start gaining weight. 

Not if you only eat carbs at night. 

Do you imagine if the carbs in a cake are your evil carbs and at night they converse about being good carbs or just being evil carbs and when you’re eating them, they say, I’m going to go straight to FAT! 

*proceeds to imitate an evil carb gunning for your love handles* 

That’s not what happens, bye!

- Stefi


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