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We coach strength seeking lifters to crush PR’s and unlock their performance potential through world class programming, lifter focused technology, and unrivaled team culture.

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Are you completely satisfied with the progress you're making in your training?


Do you believe the effort and commitment you put into training pays off in the form of PR’s and undeniable results?


Can you easily manage & monitor your volume, intensity, and loads in one convenient place?


If you answered yes to all of the above then you can close this page down now.


If you didn’t? One thing is certain; you have a stupid amount of potential and PR’s to unleash.


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PR Crushing Programs

Weight room tested and proven programs designed with equal amounts science and real world experience. Whatever program you choose will plot a clear course from where you are now to your most ambitious goals. All you have to do is tap the app and train HARD. We’ll take care of everything else.

World Class Coaching

You’ll have access to a World Record Holder, Team USA Athlete, Olympian, elite fitness champions, and nationally ranked powerlifters who will all give you personal feedback on lifting technique as well as answer any questions you have. On demand coaching, daily program videos, and monthly live calls.

Lifter Focused Technology

Our team of developers are all lifters. They know what matters and what’s needed to create technology which effortlessly plugs into your training regime and drastically improves it. From tracking your progress to logging your data, the HYBRID StrengthCoach App has you covered.

Unrivaled Team Hub

Our culture of strength and striving for greatness has been carefully nurtured over the years to ensure everyone who joins our team feels right at home from day one. This is a community you can share your PR’s with and lean on for advice whenever you need it.


We get you results. Period.

You know how important it is to have a program tailored to your goals.


You know you won’t hit any PR’s or get anywhere close to your potential without following a dedicated program consistently.


And you know how frustrating it is to spin your wheels with coaching and programming which simply doesn’t deliver results.


Which means you need reliable, proven, and tailored programming delivered to you in a “plug and play” format so you can focus on doing the PR producing work on the gym floor.


We got you covered.


Our HYBRID StrengthCoach App is where you will find your programming.


It’s delivered in your personal dashboard where you can easily track your progress and get technique videos at the tap of an icon.


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How It Works: 

Find the strength program for your goals...

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HYBRID Powerlifting

This is THE program to build crazy strength.

For those who want to Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift with focused accessory work to build lean muscle.

Other programs in the HYBRID Powerlifting family: Push Only, Deadlift Protocol, Squat Protocol, Push/Pull, Intro to Powerlifting.

HYBRID Performance

The program that embodies the spirit of HYBRID. Combine weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding elements all into one thoughtful program. If you want a little bit of everything without compromise, this program is for you.

Other Programs in the HYBRID Performance Family: HYBRID Lite.


HYBRID's twist on a classic bodybuilding program.

If you want to put on muscle and shred fat, whether you want to step on stage or just prepare for beach season. Start pumping iron Arnold style with this one.

HYBRID Weightlifting

Want to lift like an olympian? HYBRID Weightlifting focuses on the competition lifts, snatch and clean & jerk, along with developing the strength it takes to set personal records on the platform. 

This program is designed for weekend warriors and elite competitors alike. Try it out if you’re even a little interested in the weightlifting life. The weightlifting bug bites hard.


Intelligently designed metcons and functional hypertrophy training designed by elite level Games athletes.

HYBRID WOD combines the strength training principles with conditioning methods that take your fitness to the next level and forge fitness champions. 

This programming works off of percentages, scaling, and modifying helping athletes of all levels progress and push their boundaries, and not only catering to the elite.



HYBRID Body delivers full body strength and conditioning for those who want results without spending hours in the gym.

Formerly known as HYBRID 101 

This is the full body evolution of one or our OG Programs.

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Stefi, Hayden, and TEAM HYBRID Coaches not only program for some of the strongest athletes in the world but they also design programs for liters just getting started in strength sports. Their mission is to make strength accessible to everyone!

When you join TEAM HYBRID you get access to the private Discord Server. Yep, you get access to Stefi, Hayden, HYBRID Coaches and several thousand of the most badass coaches and lifters on the planet. 

Stefi Cohen

Dr. Stefi Cohen DPT, Co-Owner and 25x world record holding powerlifter. Training with Stefi is a luxury only a few can enjoy!

Hayden Bowe

Co-owner, head Coach, Coach, Elite powerlifter and weightlifter. Hayden is the mastermind behind numerous training programs. Learning from him is success guaranteed! 

Simon Chang

Simon brings deep training and program design knowledge to the HYBRID Team. As the Training Director Simon oversees all HYBRID training programs, manages the collaborative design process, and ensures training members are delivered the most effective strength programs in the game. Simon is an accomplished powerlifter and well rounded athlete. He grew up in the gym, shaping his passion for fitness coaching. Simon's level of care and intuitive nature sets himself apart from the rest.

Hunter Elam

2x Team USA Weightlifting World Team Member, PanAm Game Team Member, and National Champion. Hunter has been weightlifting at an elite level for five years, establishing an incredible resume. She found weightlifting through CrossFit but was a well rounded athlete growing up playing soccer, basketball and volleyball. Hunter is an ambassador for women's strength sports. Being strong is one of the most empowering and rewarding journeys you can pursue. 

Colleen Fotsch

Colleen is an elite athlete in multiple sports and an all around bad-ass human. She started out as a 5-time All-American swimmer at UC Berkeley, where her team won multiple NCAA D1 championships. After college, Colleen poured her heart into a new sport– CrossFit. She went on to compete at the Games and at Regionals multiple times as both an individual athlete and in the team division. One of the most memorable moments of Colleen’s CrossFit career was her first-place finish in 15.5, when she finished the 144-rep couplet of rowing and thrusters in 6:26– faster than any woman in the world. In 2020, Colleen was recruited to join Team USA Bobsled and added yet another impressive adventure to her athletic resumé. 

How do you know HYBRID StrengthCoach is right for you?


βœ… Your training means a lot to you and you’ll make it a priority in your weekly routine

βœ… The value of investing in your health and fitness is something you fully embrace and actively seek out

βœ… You’ve at least had a taste of training hard and lifting and you want more of it

βœ… You set ambitious goals which seem ridiculous when you write them down

βœ… You are not satisfied with where you’re at right now in terms of your strength, performance, and/or physique.

βœ… You embrace the process of gains and are fully ready to commit to the process required to unleash your full potential

βœ… You know what you want to achieve with your training but don’t quite know how to create and execute a plan that gets you there

βœ… You see the value in being surrounded by like minded people who are all striving for their own goals while gassing each other up at every


The Strongest App In The Game.

We understand what you invest in your training. 


From the time and effort you put it on the weight room floor after long days at work or school.


To the time and effort you put into reading up on training methods and checking out podcasts or YouTube videos in the vague hope of finding the answers you need to finally take off towards your goals.


Which is why our proposal to you is both simple and life changing.


Let us handle all the moving parts of your programming.


Connect you with world class coaches.


And surround you with like minded people who fully embrace the “rising tide floats all ships” mentality.


So you can focus on showing up, putting in the work, and basking in the glory of gains and PR’s.


Tap the button below to begin your journey today.


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Get Stronger, Pack On Muscle, Reach Physique Goals, And Achieve Peak Performance. 

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