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You Will Get In The Greatest Shape Of Your Life &

Unleash Your Performance Potential While Eating The Foods You Love & Never Feeling Like You’re ‘Dieting’.


Because our coaching is world class AND goes way beyond calculating macros & weekly check ins (scroll down for proof).


Nailing your nutrition is not easy.

 It seems simple in your head when you picture yourself prepping meals, hitting your macros, and making progress like clockwork…

But when you try to make this your reality you find making progress about as easy as wading through waist deep wet cement.

  • You have the stress of daily life leading to major cravings that you now need to fight off…
  • You have daily temptations to go off track…
  • You have that deep, stomach churning hunger that’s grinding down your willpower…
  • You’re barely scraping enough energy together to train…

And everything that seemed too easy in your head is proving to feel damn near impossible…

Which is like a dagger in the heart, you have the desire to transform your body but you just can’t make it happen.

All of this comes down to ONE mistake that millions of people make on a daily basis as they try to stick to their nutrition…

The people who are made aware of this mistake and take action to fix it, are the people who get life changing results like these guys…


What is the ONE mistake?

Thinking that nutrition is only about food.

I know what you’re thinking and I totally get it, but think about this for a second…

You do not make food choices based on logic.

When was the last time you said ‘That was pretty damn logical’ after a meal?

That’s right, NEVER.

You say things like ‘That tasted sooooo good’ or ‘God damn that’s delicious’.

Which shows that nutrition is as much about EMOTION as it is about the hard science or logic behind what delivers results.

Another way of saying this is that you need to pay attention to THE PERSON (that’s you) not just the plan.

Your nutrition will deliver life changing results when all the moving parts of your daily life are under control…


Get HYBRID’s 5 Pillars Of Performance Nutrition   

Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Reach Your Physique Goals, And Perform Your Best With Our Best Tips.

Your nutrition will deliver life changing results when all the moving parts of your daily life are under control…

  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Habits
  • Routines
All of these factors contribute to the success or failure of your nutrition.

You’re not a robot that can be programmed to blindly follow commands…

You need to have the right systems, strategies, and resources that empower you to handle whatever life throws at you and stay on track towards your goals.

And when you combine that with a nutrition plan that’s tailored to your goals, tastes, and lifestyle you become unstoppable on the road to life changing results.


HYBRID Nutrition 1-ON-1 Coaching For Your Specific Goals

If getting strong, feeling EMPOWERED, and rocking a body that shows your dedication is your goal, HYBRID Nutrition Coaching is for you!  

Whether you’re just starting your nutrition journey or you’re an experienced lifter ready to dial in nutrition — or anywhere in between — your coach will design a plan unique to you.



Real results and the education needed to sustain them.

100% Individualized Nutrition Plan

Whether you’re just starting your nutrition journey or you’re an experienced lifter ready to dial in nutrition or anywhere in between, your coach will design a plan unique to you.

A Dedicated Coach

Your coach is committed to your success. Based on your needs and progress, your coach will make achievable adjustments to your program each week. Your coach is just an email away and ready to support you as needed. You will also be able to connect with your coach and the community in the private Facebook group. 

Weekly Check-ins 

Each week you will prepare to check in with your coach by uploading your progress photos, key measurements, and notes to let your coach know how you've been doing so they can properly assess your progress and make adjustments to your plan. You and your coach will have access to your stats and trendlines to help visualize your progress.  

Supportive Community

The TEAM HYBRID Nutrition community is full of the strongest, most supportive lifters you will meet! Along with our coaches, the community here shares tips, recipes, and habit-based ideas to support you on your nutrition journey.    


if you feel yourself getting overwhelmed by your macro split, food choices, meal timing, hunger, and cravings then you’re not alone.

If you’re tired of trying out different diets, frustrated because you can’t seem to maintain results, or losing strength and energy to train when you attempt a cut...

This is where a skilled coach makes all the difference! 

With Hybrid Nutrition EVERYTHING is taken care of which means you can focus on chasing down your goals like a boss.

We use a flexible dieting approach that allows you to choose what and when you eat.

Your coach will teach you how to make smart food choices, have the flexibility to incorporate your favorite foods, and master the skills needed to handle whatever life throws at you. 

You will work with one of our experienced nutrition coaches who tailors their approach to meet your specific needs. Each week, you use our online platform to log your data, track your goals, and check-in with your coach. 

Based on your needs and progress, your coach will make adjustments to your plan and help you navigate the HYBRID lifestyle. 

You will also gain access to our private HYBRID Nutrition Facebook group where you can ask questions and connect with fellow members of HYBRID Nutrition. 


Stefi, Hayden, and TEAM HYBRID Coaches not only program for some of the strongest athletes in the world but they also design programs for liters just getting started in strength sports. Their mission is to make strength accessible to everyone!

When you join TEAM HYBRID you get access to the private Facebook group. Yep, you get access to Stefi, Hayden, HYBRID Staff and several thousand of the most badass coaches and lifters on the planet. 

Francesco Catalano

Francesco is HYBRID’s Head Nutrition Coach. He has a strong passion for helping anyone and everyone reach their performance, fat loss and body composition goals. Working with 1,000’s of different clients he’s developed a reputation as an experienced, understanding and empathetic coach, with a strong knowledge base. 


Meghan has had a passion for strength training and nutrition since her teenage years. She has found that prioritizing her well-being through proper nutrition, strength training and sleep management, allows her to lead a happier, more productive and fulfilled life. As an active strength and conditioning coach with a degree in Physical Education and Coaching, she is driven to empower and educate others to do the same.

Sean Lind

Sean is an elite level Gymnast and Crossfit athlete, qualifying for the Games in 2015. Sean coaches regional and games level Crossfit athletes as well as badass weekend worriers, in both training and nutrition. Sean is a graduate of the École de Cirque de Québec and has performed professionally as a circus acrobat. He was also a high level national Judo competitor, yep he’s our resident bodyweight strength ninja! 

Andi Ramirez

Andi is a former D1 college softball player who has found her new passion in coaching the next generation. With a degree in exercise science, she's all about staying active and found a new love in the sport Crossfit. She's taken her own experience with her weight loss journey as a way to relate to our clients and help them succeed.

Your HYBRID Nutrition Coach Has Your Back!

We are here always practicing what we preach, training and practicing healthy lifestyle behaviors alongside you, sharing with you the most battle tested methods in nutrition, supporting your journey, and helping you live your strongest life. 


Hear From Athletes Just Like You

Maddison Ditton

"I've always had a clear vision of how I wanted look, feel, and perform when it came to fitness and body composition, but I had never been successful in reaching those goals. I finally took the next step and signed up for Hybrid's nutrition program and my expectations were blown away! I was anticipating being able to lose about 5 or 10 lbs max, but I've already lost over 20 lbs and counting in just a few months. Sam is so patient with me through my ups and downs and she pumps me up to keep working hard. I'm so happy with the progress I've made so far, but I'm even more excited about the progress yet to come. I absolutely could not have done it without my coach!"

Jerem Feltman

I am a strength coach and powerlifter who has competed at 275lbs bodyweight for years. I always ate clean but didn't necessarily have a plan or process and was never able to get below 250lbs. I decided for my long term health and as an example to my coached athletes I would hire a nutrition coach and drop one weight class to 242lbs. After a recommendation from my wife, who is also a Hybrid client I hired Hybrid Performance Nutrition. My initial goal was to cut from 260lbs to 242lbs from September first to January first. I followed my diet plan precisely and hit 242lbs after the FIRST month. We adjust my goal to drop a second weight class to 220lbs by January first. By mid December I had reached the goal of 220lbs Bodyweight with an incredible body composition change. My coach was great every step of the way, slightly adjusting my macros in a way that never felt like I was missing out on anything while maintaining my athletic performance. My coaches weekly responses to me were detailed and thorough and she was deeply engaged in my personal process. In previous experiences with online coaching services I have received a lot of non-specific, cookie cutter information and comments. That is not the case with Hybrid Performance. I will continue to utilize Hybrid as my nutrition coach whether cutting, bulking or maintaining. I highly recommend Hybrid Performance Nutrition."

Tom Conte

"I thought that I would never have a relationship with food that was healthy. I had this idea that if I got thinner or leaner, I would be happy. Signing up with Hybrid was not something that I was over the moon about at first, considering I wanted to do it by myself. How wrong I was. My Coach helped me understand that food is not my enemy, but the choices I make are. Food is not inherently good or bad, but more so a way to express yourself and your goals. If you want to eat the treat, eat it, but understand why you are making the choice. He taught me a lot about why I eat the foods I eat and why I make the decisions I do. Without the help of Hybrid, I wouldn't be at the point where I could go to Miami for 5 days and not freak out about a scale, my weight, or the food. This changed my life. I can't thank him or the program enough." 

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Get HYBRID’s 5 Pillars Of Performance Nutrition   

Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Reach Your Physique Goals, And Perform Your Best With Our Best Tips.

Imagine How Much Faster You Will Achieve Your Goals Working 1-on-1 With A HYBRID Nutrition Coach...