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Instructor: Fernando Reis

Learn how to snatch, clean, and jerk from the ground up with three-time Olympian, weightlifting champion, and HYBRID Coach Fernando Reis.

Develop understanding of the two main and key drills to develop your  weightlifting technique. This course includes guided video demonstrations and a comprehensive downloadable guide including images and explanation of common faults and fixes, mobility drills, and accessory exercises. Get a sneak peak inside the HYBRID Weightlifting Program and what it's like to work directly with Fernando as he arms you with the tools and knowledge to safely begin your journey in Olympic weightlifting.


Learn how to squat, bench, and deadlift from 25x World Record holder Stefi Cohen and elite lifter Hayden Bowe.

This course breaks down each lift, providing detailed instructions from setup to lift completion. The course highlights common faults and fixes, mobility and accessory exercise, as well as pointers from the pros. 


HYBRID Nutrition Fundamentals will help you build a strong foundation of nutrition habits, learn how to properly fuel your workouts, and get you the body composition changes you’ve been searching for. 

In this self-paced video course you will learn:
  • The basics of nutrition science.
  • Proven nutrition principles and strategies for results that last.
  • Tools and tips for shifting your mindset and applying your knowledge where it matters most.

Let Stefi, Hayden, and Francesco coach you to your 2021 nutrition goals.

Enrollment for HYBRID Nutrition Fundamentals Is currently closed. 


HYBRID is passionate about helping you achieve your dreams.

Over the years we've noticed the impact poor habit building has had on chasing goals. From strength and performance to body composition, mindset and habits are the foundation. Let Tea HYBRID walk you through the HYBRID approach to building habits, adopt these tools and experience the difference of succeeding at the highest level, and being average. 



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