What is muscle soreness?

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What is muscle soreness?

Sometimes people associate post-exercise muscle soreness with the idea that they had a good workout. 

Firstly, it’s important to define what a good workout actually means. 

Strength work, hypertrophy, endurance training, and skill development may all create different levels of soreness or not at all. 

The efficacy of a workout is not defined by how out of breath you are during the workout, or how sore you are afterward. 

In reality, soreness is only tangentially related to adaptations. It may be related to doing more work than you’re used to. 

Exposure to different movements, higher reps, or rapid increases in training frequency can certainly treat your muscle soreness. 

However, true improvement comes from gradual progression in training demands over time. 

Instead of focusing how a workout feels afterward, focus on long term measurements like performance and body composition to gauge the effects of a training program. 

And above all, recognize that results and success take consistency and time. 

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