How to overcome sticking points?

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Overcoming sticking points isn’t easy and, in fact, is a topic that may be quite controversial because some people have the belief that you can’t quite get rid of them, but we can certainly do things to try to ameliorate or lessen the effect that the sticking point has on your lifts. 

You’re only as strong as your weakest link. It would make sense that we would spend some time to make those portions of your lift a little bit stronger so you don’t get stuck there time after time. 

In this video, we will discuss some techniques I have learned over the years that you can use in your training to lessen the effects of your sticking points. 

We’re going to be talking about technique, identifying weak muscles, dissecting the lift (doing partial reps), incorporating variable resistance, speed work, modifying your grip/stance. I want to encourage everyone to try to use a combination of all of these and to try to figure out which ones help you the most! 

Now, let’s talk about what the sticking point actually is: the sticking point is simply the portion of the lift where the resistance can’t be overcome by the strength of your muscles. 

This can happen for many reasons either due to improper technique, muscle weakness, or a biomechanically disadvantageous position. 

There are two mistakes that I see a lot of people make: ignoring the issue (which is silly because like I said, you can only be as strong as your weakest link) and unloading the movement when you encounter a sticking point. 

You have to attack this thing head first. You have to identify what is wrong and then you need to have a plan on how you’re going to fix it. 

When you think about it, we can all lift well and have a lift look really pretty if you’re lifting at 50% or 60%, but you truly start seeing how the technique breaks down at higher percentages. That’s a skill you’re going to have to work on on its own.

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