How to deal with change?

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How to deal with loss?

The past few weeks have been difficult for most of us to say the least, all of these changes make getting in shape a lot more stressful and difficult than it should be. 

All of this instability magnifies the effect of a cognitive bias called loss aversion. 

The center for advanced hindsight and other behavioral Economist like Kahneman and Teller have been studying this in detail ...simply put we feel the pain of failure much more than the pleasure of success. 

Knowing that the losses are magnified, we can engineer better behaviors that keep us in the game even as the world around us seems to be falling apart or changing right now. 

You might be discouraged because you lost your access to your gym, your training routine but recognize that when things change,  we tend to focus on what we lost rather, than what we can gain. 

Maybe you have a lot of time now that you would have spent commuting to work. 

Maybe you can focus on doing conditioning work and improving your cardiovascular health Maybe you can get into a better eating and sleep routine since you don't have as many social events and obligations planned. 

If you spend the next 30 days building those habits in an environment that makes the adoption easier than it otherwise would have been, there are more likely to stick around.

So commit to new habits by telling your friends about it, so they can hold you accountable, or you can do the same for them.

Maybe hire a coach to help you narrow the focus and help you dial in those decisions now so that the cost is really magnified, if for whatever reason you don't follow through. 

Sure it makes putting yourself out there and risking failure but, failure is just a step in the path of success.


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