Can you spot reduce fat?

Can you spot reduce fat UPDATED.mp4 from Hybrid Performance Method on Vimeo.

We're pretty obsessed with moving fat around.

We chop it off from here, we add it here, we pack it up, we make soap whatever...

We're never happy with where our bodies choose to store our fat. 

Social media influencers tell us that “thick thighs save lives” and there's all those programs that promise to target only your problem areas... 

My video was even used in an ad to market and sell a device that promised to help you grow your butt and not your legs... because who wants legs like me... right? 

And then there is a more drastic means of fat relocation, the Kardashians moving from their stomach to their butts, other people take it from the thighs and stick in their breast. 

They turn to these surgeries because nature is too good at stashing away our exess energy in the form of flab. 

It’s hard to fight nature.

The only way to get rid of excess fat is, drum roll please…. 

To eat less calories than you expend. 

For some of these stubborn areas that might mean a longer time in a calorie deficit. 

The bottom line here is, and this is the ugly truth…. 

If you tend to pack  more on your stomach on your butt or your love handles,  likely you'll continue to put on fat in that place easier.

Sit-ups and squats are amazing exercises and can definitely help shape your body but the reality is that no amount of diet or exercise will turn you into a person that naturally stores lipids in a different place. 

I hope that makes sense, I'll catch you guys next time!


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