WUCV With Stefi Cohen.

Make 2022 your most violent year yet.


The second you open your eyes in the morning you have a choice…


Own the day or let the day own you.


Wake up choose violence started as a fun little mantra for me in 2021.


But it quickly evolved into a guiding principle which empowered me to own each and every day of my life.


Now I want to show you how to do the same.


I’ve curated 30 of my most powerful and actionable lessons from the WUCV lifestyle into a 30-day crash course.


All you have to do is sign up below and let me handle the rest.


Here’s a little teaser of what’s waiting for you 👇


  • How to awaken the beast inside you to get up early with laser focus on getting what you want


  • The check & go mindset which gives you both perspective and purpose as you chase down your most ambitious goals


  • The little known skill of ignoring yourself and how it will lead to you doing things you once thought were impossible


You got all of this and SO much more coming your way when you sign up.


So go ahead and fill out the form below to get on the list and get all kinds of motivation in your inbox in 2022. I’ll catch you on the inside.