I’m a 25x world record holding powerlifter and the first woman in the history of the sport to deadlift 4.4 times my bodyweight. If you want the numbers you can scroll to see some of my PRs below. 

But there is much more to my story than lifting, lifting is my first competitive love but you will see my love for competition shine in every sport or physical feet that I tackle. 

I’m also a DPT, doctor of physical therapy and exercise physiologist. I’m passionate about education and bringing you a NO BS evidence based view of all things training and nutrition. 

That’s why Hayden and I started HYBRID Performance Method, our mission is to make strength accessible to everyone.  

You’ll find hundreds of free content and videos where I bring you the simple truth in strength, helping you think critically about the information you are consuming and applying to your training. 

I also love fashion, that's why I started my fitness meets streetwear label HYBRID Legacy. You’ll catch me designing and styling some of the sickest threads around. 

I’m a creative mind and love collaborating with my team and partners to bring you powerful content, inspired fashion, and both fitness and nutrition tools for your strongest life. 




1’st Woman To Deadlift 4.4 X Bodyweight

(120lbs—pulled a cool 545lbs at the 2019 Arnold)


Competition Squat PR 

242 lbs bench press PR


I'll never shy away from challenging bias or the status quo because this is what’s required to ensure you do not fall victim to shady advice and poor practices.

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I deliver the tough love because I know you are strong enough to handle it, that you will grow from it, and that your growth will enable you to live out your dreams. 

I absolutely love coaching the masses and making strength accessible to everyone! That's why we built HYBRID. 

But I also love connecting with one-on-one and helping you achieve your dreams, whatever they may be…..training, nutrition, lifestyle, career, etc.

If you have a goal and want to work with me, this is your chance. I only take on 10 clients a month. 

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