Get Coached by 9x CrossFit Games Athlete

Noah Ohlsen



Interested In Having Savage Strength,


A No Quit Engine,


Freakish Athleticism,


A Jacked Physique


AND “LFG” Competitiveness? 


If You Are Then Check Out What Noah Ohlsen & HYBRID WOD Have In Store For You…



If your ultimate goal is to be the “total package” when it comes to your strength and performance then you’re probably…


Training hard every session and getting after some gnarly workouts that make you a little nervous as you're warming up.


Pushing yourself to failure in all kinds of ways from soul sucking metcons to AMRAPs on big lifts.


Ending up on the floor, drenched in sweat and gasping for air with your lungs on fire questioning your life decisions at least once per week.


And most importantly, you’re always looking for an edge in your programming which will help you break through your current peak levels of strength and performance.


From new rep and loading schemes to mobility drills and recovery protocols.


You do this because strength and performance is a top priority for you.


You want to feel strong, conditioned, and capable of doing epic things both on the gym floor and in everyday life situations which call for you to show off your athleticism.


Take a second to imagine…


Every time you unrack or pull the bar off the floor you KNOW with unshakable certainty you’re gonna crush the lift and get fist bumps from everyone on the gym floor.


Being a few rounds into a Metcon & feeling your engine reach higher and higher gears which simply did not exist before.


Sliding into your calisthenics and gymnastics moves with control and skill instead of wobbling around like jello in a bounce house.




Competing regularly so you not only get to show what you’re made of but also get to experience the next level energy and adrenaline you only get when you have to put it all on the line.


This is all part of the HYBRID WOD experience where you will be coached by the one and only Noah Ohlsen.



Speaking of your coach, here he is…


Hey there.


Noah Ohlsen here.


You may have seen me competing at the games over the past 9 years. 

Or on the gram with Max (my dog) getting after it– always staying happy but hungry.


I’m so stoked to be joining the HYBRID team as the head coach of HYBRID WOD inside the StrengthCoach App. 


This is not an opportunity I take lightly.


My experience with competing and coaching over the past 12 years have given me the insights into what’s required to unleash your maximum strength and performance potential.


Which I can almost guarantee is far beyond what you currently believe it to be. 


And while myself and the HYBRID WOD team will be training hard we’ll also be having fun along the way.


Cause what’s the point if you ain't smiling and laughing, right?


We train hard.

We compete with each other so we make each other better.

And we make damn sure we have a good time while we’re getting after our goals.

I’ll catch you on the inside.

- Noah.

How Does HYBRID WOD Deliver Results? 


HYBRID WOD is the ultimate functional fitness training program.


If you’re preparing for a competitive season, training for a local competition, or just want to discover your own potential in the sport of fitness, this program was written for you.


HYBRID WOD works off of percentages, scaling, and modifying so that both beginner and advanced athletes can take on every workout with some simple adjustments and substitutions. 


This makes it flexible for athletes of all levels and experience to get involved and see a clear path towards their goals.


In HYBRID WOD, you’ll have 6 training sessions per week. 


Along with targeted powerlifts, Oly lifts, and accessory work, you can expect scientifically programmed AMRAPS and EMOMS as well as steady state aerobic work to build your aerobic base.


The program is divided up into 12-week phases and baseline testing is performed at the beginning of each phase so you have undeniable proof of progress throughout your training.


Your coach Noah Ohlsen will host monthly challenges and competitions to inject some healthy, fun, and gains producing competitiveness into the HYBRID WOD community.





 Stop Overthinking And Start Crushing PR’s Across The Board.


Strength and performance training has a lot of moving parts.


You’re trying to be the total package of strength, conditioning, athleticism, and skill.


Improving just one of these qualities is hard enough.


But you’re trying to hit PR’s in all of them at the same time.


 It’s no wonder you overthink and constantly tweak your training to try and squeeze out any kind of gains you can get.



Getting coached by Noah Ohlsen in the HYBRID WOD program is how you stop overthinking and missing our crucial aspects of your training.


You get to pour all your focus, energy and commitment into a program which meets you where you’re at and guides you through the process of becoming a strong, athletic, conditioned and competitive animal.


The community gives you accountability and support.


The HYBRID Strength Coach app makes your programming easy to access and your progress easy to track.


So if being the total package is what you have your sights set on…


Hit the link below and sign up to HYBRID WOD.


Noah will meet you on the inside.


And then it’s time for the gains to begin.



HYBRID WOD By Noah Ohlsen 



Let Me Coach You To Unleash Your Performance Potential.