A New Species Of Lifter & Athletes Are Evolving Into The Most Dominant And Freakishly Strong Crew You’ve Ever Seen… Wanna Join Them?



Let’s get one thing straight before you begin scrolling down this page.


You don’t “try” strongman training.


No one does.


You see the brutal workouts, the fight for gains, the put up or shut up test days, the dark places you need to go to…


And your eyes light up because you want ALL that smoke plus any extra that’s coming your way.


Strongman is a calling.


And if you can relate to that then what follows is a personal invitation to join the chosen few BEASTS in the strongest, most savage crew there is.

Your Evolution Into A Dominant, Apex Lifter And Athlete 


Strongman training goes way beyond helping you make gains.


It fuels your evolution into the most dominant species of athlete and lifter there is.


Nothing compares to strongman training.


It breaks so many of the conventional “rules” that govern other forms of training.


You do your hardest work when you're most fatigued.


You put yourself in awkward, unstable positions under crushing loads.


You have to call upon brutal strength, explosive power, and a big engine in the same movement.


There are so many unique demands, moving parts, and unknown challenges with Strongman training.


From programming and managing fatigue to technique and testing progress. 


You could try and manage all this yourself.




You could join a program and community headed up by a BEAST who has reached the pinnacle of Strongman and has joined forces with HYBRID.




There has never been anything like HYBRID BEAST.


The combination of truly world class programming distilled from the pinnacle of Strongman competition…


And the community of outliers who push each other through the brutality of Strongman workouts…


Has never been seen before.


If you’re preparing for a competitive season, training for a local competition, or just want to discover your own potential in Strongman, HYBRID BEAST is perfect for you.


HYBRID BEAST has been designed using the training principles of head coach and former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall (who you’ll meet shortly).


Over 5 sessions a week you’ll work on the “strict” lifts like squats, bench press, and deadlifts.


And finish each session with specific Strongman work.


You’ll also work in accessory work so you catch a pump and slap on some added muscle.


The program is divided up into 12-week phases and baseline testing is performed at the beginning of each phase so you have undeniable proof of progress throughout your training.


But it’s better for you to hear this from the man behind the program and your future head coach…



I’m a no BS, straight talking kinda guy.


So let me start off by saying HYBRID BEAST isn’t going to be for everyone.


And that’s fine.


I’m going to ask a lot of you physically and mentally throughout this program.


And I can promise you the rewards for stepping up and answering these questions will be like nothing else you’ve experienced from your training.


The strength and power you’ll feel when your hands touch a bar will be the closest thing to superpowers you’ll ever experience as a human.


You’ll dominate movements and events like never before.


You’ll put up silly numbers on your strict lifts.


And you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the x’s and o’s of Strongman competition which will give you the edge over your competition.


I’m fired up to be joining the HYBRID team as the head coach of HYBRID BEAST inside the StrengthCoach App.


This is not an opportunity I take lightly.


If you join the HYBRID BEAST crew I promise you’ll have all the support, resources, and expertise you need to evolve into a dominant, apex lifter and athlete capable of things you never thought possible.


If you answer the call of becoming a HYBRID BEAST…


I’ll see you on the inside when the work begins.



What Equipment Do I Need To Become A BEAST?”

Don’t worry if you’re not training out of a fully equipped Strongman gym.


There are plenty of equipment substitutions included in the program so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have access to every Strongman implement that exists. 


Your minimum equipment requirements include a barbell, plates, squat rack, a bench, and a rack of dumbbells. 


Some basic Strongman equipment you’ll want to have on hand will be the log, the atlas stone, the axle bar, the yoke, and a heavy sandbag.


Remember: the HYBRID BEAST crew is always on hand to help.


If you ever need a movement substitution and it isn’t specified in the app, just drop us a line in the Discord channel where the moderators and I can give you some suggestions. 

Join HYBRID BEAST And Start Your Evolution Today


HYBRID BEAST is ready and waiting for you to join.


Joining HYBRID BEAST means you get to pour all your focus, energy and commitment into a program which meets you where you’re at and guides you through the process of becoming a freakishly strong, athletic, and dominant Strongman athlete.


Getting coached by the one and only Eddie Hall means you get unrivalled technique feedback and insights which give you an unbeatable edge over your competitors.


The HYBRID BEAST community gives you accountability and support for when sessions start to kick your ass,


The HYBRID Strength Coach app makes your programming easy to access and your progress easy to track.


So what are you waiting for?

Hit the link below and sign up to HYBRID BEAST


Eddie will meet you on the inside and get you set up in no time.






Let Me Coach You To Unleash Your Inner Beast.