Rapid Fire Nutrition Q&A with Stefi


I’m here to answer your most commonly asked questions in 60 seconds!

Ready… GO!


Q: Which is better: low-carb or low-fat?

A: Research shows no significant difference in outcomes between the two. People lose weight on both diets, you just have to figure out which one works best for you.


Q: Is eating at night bad?

A: No. Calories in foods don’t magically inflate after 6pm, so eating at night is not inherently bad. But, if you tend to morph into a heinous snacking gremlin at night, then giving yourself a time limit may be a helpful strategy if your goal is to lose weight.


Q: Should I eat sugar?

A: Probably, since your brain runs on glucose and your training sessions are much more likely to suck if you don’t. But, remember that sugar comes in many different forms. Fruits are juicy little vehicles of natural sugars that deliver energy along with fiber and antioxidants. On the other hand, cake is a slab of processed sugar riding on a bed of trans fats and lethargy. Whether you want to fuel your machine with high-octane gasoline or canola oil is up to you.


Q: Will you please post a picture of your feet?

See video for response.

Thank you for your time. See you guys in the next video.

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