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The HYBRID approach to overcoming pain and building resilience through resistance

You will not find detailed anatomical diagrams of the spine, nor will you find any sophisticated discussions of the neurophysiology of pain.


What you will find are practical solutions and 'real world' knowledge that will empower you to find your unique path leading back to doing the things you love. Back in Motion is all about understanding pain, reducing the fear that often comes with it, empowering you to take control. 


This Book Wasn’t Written... It Was Assembled & Optimized.


Assembled from the best available scientific evidence on what back pain really is. Optimized by the collective experiences of world-class athletes like Mat Fraser (4x Fittest Man on Earth), Stefi Cohen (25 World Records in Powerlifting) and Hafthor Bjornsson (World's Strongest Man winner). Back in Motion is tailored for the kind of person who wants to feel powerful again. For those sidelined by pain, it lights the path off the bench back into the game, back to your previous level of function and beyond. In the process, you’ll discover an essential handbook for handling the hoops and hurdles of life.


Back in Motion is for anyone (athlete, coach, or clinician) dealing with the setback and frustration of a back pain. Back In Motion provides the HYBRID approach to overcoming pain and building resilience through resistance training. This book will arm you with the knowledge needed to overcome any obstacle on the road to Strength.  


Back In Motion provides your solution to low back pain self-management. Inside you will find scientific principles that apply to movement related pain more broadly.


Athletes, coaches, and clinicians will be armed with the knowledge they need to overcome any obstacle on the road to strength.


1. The most common myths surrounding low back pain and how they came to be so deeply entrenched


2. The science of pain and the treatments commonly available


3. The HYBRID Model, a training-as-rehab framework designed to help you translate science into practice and build an effective return-to-training exercise program for yourself or your athletes. 


4. Sample weeks and descriptions from the Back in Motion training program, so you can follow the principles laid out in the book


5. A descriptive exercise list so you can stay strong through the whole process 


6. The Stefi Cohen story of setback and recovery, from not being able to tie her shoes without pain to setting powerlifting world records

Co-Owner of HPM, 25X World Record Holder, Doctorate in Physical Therapy


Stefi Cohen is a 25x- all-time-world-record holder in powerlifting, and the co-founder of HYBRID Performance Method, a company dedicated to making strength training fitness plans and nutrition coaching accessible to people all over the world.

She received her Bachelors in Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine in 2014, and Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from the University Of Miami in 2018, which she now combines with her athletic background and experience as a strength and conditioning coach to educate and empower the public with evidence based information about rehabilitation, health and fitness.

COO of HYBRID Performance Method


Ian Kaplan is the COO and Head of Research at Hybrid Performance Method. He is both strength and conditioning coach and has a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Keiser University of Chiropractic Medicine.

He has coached a host of average people and dozens of high level athletes in sports like Crossfit, baseball, lacrosse, soccer and football. His clinical area of interest is in helping people with spine pain through education and exercise.

His personal athletic background includes 10+ years of training for sports performance, for performance in Crossfit, and for balanced fitness.

Back In Motion 

The HYBRID approach to overcoming pain and building resilience through resistance. 

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Back In Motion includes samples from a complete training program available with your HYBRID Training Membership. This program is the perfect companion to the Back In Motion book, applying the principles of the HYBRID Rehab Model, removing the guesswork.

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